Alliance 32 Azshannya
Game Name Azshannya
Guild Storm Wolves
Titles Leatherclad Warrior, Furry Warrior
Nicknames Az
Class Druid
Race Night Elf
Gender Female
Age unknown, she only has memories back the Mount Hyjal
Height taller than a Tauren
Weight Unknown, heavy
Build broad and bulky for a Night Elf (still skinny from non-elven perspectives.
Hair Color Long, straight, white hair
Eye Color glowing white, usually hidden by her goggles
Skin Color white
Alignment (very)Chaotic Good
Professions miner and tinkerer (Gnomish Engineering)
Armory Azshannya's Armory

Physical Description Edit

Taller even than a Tauren, Az is broader and more muscled than a typical Night Elf, but, to non-elves, she looks like a less-frail twig. She appears to be an albino, with white hair and skin, and also lacks the typical face markings of the Kal'dorei. Since the first Hallow's End after the reopening of the Dark Portal, Az's breasts are larger, closer, proportionally, to human or dwarven size than to elven size.

Az wears her heavy leather armor and goggles most of the time, with her large hammer across her back. Occasionally, she is just clad in her white undershirt and shorts.

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