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The reclusive Night Elves were the first race to awaken in the World of Warcraft. These shadowy, immortal beings were the first to study magic and let it loose throughout the world nearly ten thousand years before Warcraft I. The Night Elves' reckless use of magic drew the Burning Legion into the world and led to a catastrophic war between the two titanic races. The Night Elves barely managed to banish the Legion from the world, but their wondrous homeland was shattered and drowned by the sea. Until recently, the Night Elves closed themselves off from the rest of the world and remained hidden atop their holy mountain of Hyjal for many thousands of years. The Legion's invasion brought the Night Elves out of their long period of slumber. They now have renewed interest in shaping the world, and for the first time are allying themselves with other races to insure the continued survival of Azeroth. As a race, Night Elves are typically honorable and just, but they are very distrusting of the 'lesser races' of the world. They are nocturnal by nature and their shadowy powers often elicit the same distrust that they have for their mortal neighbors.

Gender Roles Edit

Prior to the Third War, Night Elf society was segregated by Sex. Male Night Elves sought knowledge and practiced druidism, whereas female druids excelled in combat. Brann Bronzebeard remarks on how this changed after the Third War, due to the massive loss of life.

"If you’re a canny historian and traveler like me, you might notice that the gender restrictions on night elf professions no longer seem to be in effect. Traditionally, only night elf men became druids, and only night elf women became Sentinels. Well, so many night elves died in the Third War that Malfurion and Tyrande both decided that it was time to relax the gender restrictions. You might think that seeing the way both men and women act in the rest of the Alliance influenced them, but that’s not true — they came to their decision independently."
- Brann Bronzebeard, Alliance Player's Manual

Eye Color Edit

Night Elves have two possible eye colors: Golden and White. Golden eyes were long believed to be a sign of future greatness, however after both Queen Azshara and Illidan Stormrage became victim to their dark fate it became clear that this was not the case. Rather, Golden eyes are a trait of an innate strong druidic potential within the person.

Potential does not mean they will be a great druid, however, since Illidan struggled with the druidic arts despite being taught by Cenarion himself. Likewise, having silver eyes does not bar a night elf from being a great druid. For instance, Malfurion was born with the more common silver eyes yet he surpassed Illidan as a druid. His dedication was enough where, after time, his eyes gained the golden glow coveted by other night elves.

Golden Eyes became more common after the Sundering, when Night Elves abandoned the idea of blood lines. During this time they also took a step back from the arcane and focused more on living in harmony with Azeroth, leading to an increase in the Druid population - and in turn, an increase in the prevalence of golden eyes.

Other Physical Traits Edit

Male Night Elves stand anywhere from 6'6" to 7'6" and are slim waisted with very broad, muscular shoulders and long muscular arms with large hands. Female Night Elves are shorter, standing between 6'2" and 7'2". They're also very lithe and curvaceous while also looking very athletic and muscular themselves.

They have large, prominent pointed ears and eyebrows, which combined with their luminous eyes gives them a very feral appearance.

Night Elf males can have bushy beards and eyebrows.

Age Edit

Prior to the World Trees explosion, Night Elves were an immortal race. Now that it and the Well of Eternity (duex) have been destroyed, they can live for upwards of 700 years, if not longer. Age in regards to this starts with when they lost their immortality, and as such many have lived much much longer. Nordrassil and the Well of Eternity were destroyed roughly 7 years before Wrath of the Lich King, which is 1 year after The Burning Crusade and 2 years after classic World of Warcraft.

Commonly accepted age milestones (start after losing immortality):

Mature 300 (or 110)
Middle-Age 500
Old 650
Venerable 700
Maximum Lifespan 705-1200 (or up to 2000)[1]

  1. An earlier lore account claims that night elves achieve adulthood at 110 years and, while no longer immortal, can live to see a second millennium.Template:Cite The Warcraft Encyclopedia also states that "all elves are now mortal and have comparable lifespans that can extend as long as several thousand years". [1]

Naming Conventions Edit

Night elf names always have a special meaning - First names are often based off an elven word or a famous hero, and are to sound melodious. Surnames (last names) are from family lines and date back a millennia and are often combinations of words from nature and the night.

  • Male Names: Ilthilior, Mellitharn, Khardona, Andissiel, Mardant, Tanavar.
  • Female Names: Kaylai, Keina, Deliantha, Meridia, Freja, Alannaria, Nevarial.
  • Family Names: Moonblade, Glaivestorm, Proudstrider, Oakwalker, Nightwing, Staghorn.

Sources Edit

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