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Recent History

Having mostly cut ties with the Horde at the end of the second great war, ogres did not do well in Azeroth in the third great war. Without the direction of a strong leader, the ogres of Azeroth where hunted and killed, in large part to fashion together abominations for the scourage war machine.

Some isolated pockets of Ogres survived, including a small settlement of Ogres in the dustwallow marsh which were then repatriated to the horde as a result of the Horde champion Rexxar. It is from this small settlement of Ogres that all horde allied Ogres now hail. (Outside of a few ogres who do bodyguard work.)

Unfortunately for the ogres, they were driven away from their settlement in Dustwallow marsh by a dragon of unusual size and cunning. They currently reside in a makeshift set of huts to the north of their original settlement.

When the portal to the ruined ogre homeworld of Draenor was reopened, the ogre tribes of outland where revealed to have prospored. While under harsh Gronn control, ogre populations had thrived. The battle between horde, alliance, and the demons of the twisting nether meant that neither faction could spend much time on Ogre control.

The ogres and native orcs of Draenor still harbor strong violent feelings for each other, and there has been little movement from the Horde to attempt to bring the ogre tribes back under the leadership of the warchief.

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