Horde 32 Chapter Seven
Name Chapter Seven
Server Kirin Tor (US)
Website Chapter Seven Website
Armory Chapter Seven Armory

So, what kind of guild is Chapter Seven?

Chapter Seven is built on fairness and teamwork. The challenges in World of Warcraft have been designed to be conquered by groups of highly skilled and highly functional players. Since a highly functional team is dependent upon a sense of fairness and equanimity, C7's leadership works hard to make sure that its members are treated fairly, and that players derive as much enjoyment from the guild as possible. Players will discover that they are rewarded in proportion to the contributions they make not only to the guild's resources, but to the positive atmosphere of the guild as well.

Chapter Seven exists as a place for skilled and mature individuals to pool their in-game resources and share in coordinated efforts. Above all, we're here to enjoy the game, progress through the content, make friends and have a great time. We are a small community of good-hearted players who are able to change gears between fun and focus, laughter and determination, levity and tenacity.