Alliance 32 Clan Stronghammer
Name Clan Stronghammer
Server Kirin Tor (US)
Guild Leader Breetie
Type Heavy RP
Website Clan Stronghammer Website
Armory Clan Stronghammer Armory

Guild InformationEdit

Clan Stronghammer is a dwarves clan that makes it home in the mountain city of Iron Forge. The Clan has had a long history of loyalty and friendship with the Bronzebeard throne. Currently the Clan is lead by it’s Thane, Breetie Stronghammer, a reluctant leader who was forced into the role prematurely with the disappearance of his father, Brantin Stronghammer, on a explorers expedition to Northrend with Brann Bronzebeard. While the Clan holds strong ties of friendship with many non dwarves races, to this day gnomes have been the only race that is allowed to wear the tabard of the Clan outside of dwarfs… with the exception of a single human child named Grady.

These days the Clan spends most of it’s time exploring both the world of Azeroth and the realm of the “Outlands”. But have been known to gather frequently to share tales with each other and their friends.

Current StatusEdit

Clan Stronghammer is a Heavy Role Play guild that focuses mostly on PvE content and the hosting of role play events. Currently the Clan host on average 2-3 events per week including a weekly event called “Tall Tales”, storyline progression, and minor events of a simple playful nature.

Guild History and RecordsEdit

Over the years Clan Stronghammer as gone through several changes, once even a name change to the Sentinels of Azeroth, a team of Alliance soldiers tasked with the defense of the Alliance lands while the main Army was away. After a short hiatus due to Breetie’s real life military obligations, the Clan Stronghammer was reunited under it’s former banner.

Clan Stronghammer, in one fashion or another, has been part of the Kirin Tor world since it’s birth and is proud to be known as one of (if not the very first) dwarf only guilds. Currently the Clan has several alliances with other role-play guilds for storylines and sharing of RP events.


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