Guild Information

The Council of Azeroth is a small, close-knit group of Heavy Roleplayers who play on the Kirin Tor Realm (US/RP) of World of Warcraft. Our guild focuses on the quality of our members rather than the quantity.

Each member of the Council of Azeroth is committed to the furthering of quality role playing on Kirin Tor as well as helping to provide a helpful, mature, and fun atomsphere for each and every other member of the guild.

The compass is a fitting symbol of our guild, as it points towards what many of us have certainly come to call home. That is what the Council for is members...Home.


The Council was founded in December of 2007 by a group of 4, after a previous guild the founding members were members in fell apart. We really have no " Guild Backstory" as such, other than the history that the Council Founders bring with them.

As far as whose side are they on? Simply put, their own. The Founders were orginally mercenaires for hire, so old habits do die hard. They are peaceful, neutral, but not pushovers. Many have tried to break up this mysterious group and have failed. They are represented by the twin warlocks Kassandrine and Nickie, with a council of three beneath them who handle the day to day activities.