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Horde 32 Grami
Game Name Grami
Guild Worlds End Regulars
Titles Thug
Class Rogue
Race Orc
Gender Male
Age 32
Height 6'
Weight 180
Hair Color None
Eye Color White
Skin Color Green
Professions Leatherworking
Armory Grami's Armory

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Garments/Armor: Stuff here later
  • Other: Stuff here later


Grami is very much a typical orc. He loves a good fight, watching his enemies die beneath his blades, and then joking about the fight over ale in a tavern with his comrades. He deviates a bit from a regular Orc warrior but this is because of his upbringing, and he challenges anyone suggests this makes him less of an orc.

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More to Come