Horde 32 Khattab
Brill's Guardian

"Brill's Guardian" - art of Khattab, drawn by Tigaray

Game Name Khattab
Guild The Poor Sages of Lordaeron
Titles High Warden of Lordaeron
Nicknames None
Class Warlock
Race Forsaken
Gender Female
Alignment Good-Neutral
Professions Tailoring/Jewelcrafting
Armory Khattab's Armory

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Garments/Armor: Whether she's on duty or not, Khattab can most often be seen in the staple armor of a High Warlord. She rarely removes her Defiler's tabard, only making an allowance for special occasions that require formal dress.

  • Body: Having not remained dead for long, Khattab is remarkably well-preserved for a Forsaken. Her skin is mostly intact, having only rotted away around her fingers and toes. She has filed her fingers into sharp points, which can be deadly to her opponents on the battlefield.

  • Hairstyle: Her hair is distinctive in it's color and style - A dark red during her life, it has darkened to an unmistakeably purple shade in her undeath. Her hair has remained styled in dreadlocks during both her lifespans.

  • Scars: Khattab bears two noticeable scars. Both are located on her face. On the right side, by the corner of her right eye, is a speck of embedded gunpowder. She favors the mark, considering it a sign of her devotion to the battlefield and "wears" it with pride. On the left side of her face and extending down to her neck, is a burn left by an old nemesis, Akslack, during a prior encounter. The burn is a perfect skeletal handprint. The thumb-mark is on her cheek - the rest of the handprint lies on her neck.


Khattab's personality is hard to define. She has a formal and often cold manner of speaking, and, while approachable, does not come off as a particularly friendly or warm character. She does not wish to be close to many, seeing sensitive emotions as a form of weakness. At the same time, she's a proverbial firecracker. When she does show emotion, she's extremely passionate. Khattab's temper is poor, and has gotten her trouble more than once. The same can be said for her stubborn and hard-headed ways. Khattab is loyal to a fault, whether it's to a cause, her own beliefs, or another being.



There are two sides to the softer side she does possess. One is a bit of a "mother hen" instinct. Despite her fierce pride in her people, Khattab remains burdened by the knowledge she can and never will fulfill her normal human lifespan, including the ability to have and raise children. This tends to make her "mother" others from time to time, particularly freshly risen Forsaken and younger members of The Poor Sages.

The other side is rarely seen. Khattab has been known to express love - be it romantic or platonic - to very few. She does not enjoy the vulnerability of sharing inner thoughts, emotions, or any related "weaknesses". The level of trust needed for her to open up has been achieved by only a handful of others since her undeath, most notably by Sesobael, Zultemkal, Geneve, and Puppet. This is partly due to the betrayal that caused her death, and her general mistrust of others since breaking free of the Lich King and becoming Forsaken.


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Khattab and Geneve

Khattab and Geneve

Sesobael and Khattab

Sesobael and Khattab