Horde 32 Lenauryn
Game Name Lady Lenauryn Stormborne
Guild Stormborne Exiles
Titles Lady in Exile
Nicknames Len, Lena
Class Mage
Race Blood Elf
Gender Female
Age Thirty
Build Slender
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Fel green
Skin Color Pale
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Professions Enchanting, Tailoring
Armory Lady Lenauryn Stormborne's Armory

History Edit

Of Lenauryn's blood family, nothing is known. She was found as a small child on the shore south-west of the area now known as the Ghostlands, where the Stormborne family estate was located. She was malnourished and alone. It is assumed that her parents died at sea. She was adopted by the powerful House Stormborne and raised alongside her age-mate, Raelthos, the youngest of the Stormborne children. Through a strange twist of fate (see Stormborne Exiles for more), Lenauryn found herself the leader of a new sort of family.

Personality Edit

Lenauryn is, in many ways, a typical blood elf--often haughty, stubborn, and opinionated. But her experiences since her exile from Silvermoon have changed her in many ways. She is not dismissive of the other Horde races (Alliance is another story), and has become particularly fond of the Forsaken. She has the greatest respect for Orcs, Tauren, and Trolls. In her eyes, an Exile is an Exile--that bond is more important than blood.

She is rather serious, except when her inborn vanity breaks through. She is not well-schooled in history or theology, being too bored by them as a child; having since learned their relevance to the world she finds herself in, she will often question her more knowledgeable friends at length.

She is not "evil," but she is a moral relativist. To her, "bad" is anything that threatens the Exiles, and to a lesser extent, the Sin'dorei. She is somewhat hedonistic. She distrusts authority, other than her own.

Likes: magic, enchanting, rogues and other shady characters Dislikes: warlocks, murlocs, Night Elves