Horde 32 Mahui Wolfheart
Game Name Mahui
Guild Saevio de Tempestas
Titles Frostwolf Scout
Class Hunter
Race Orc
Gender Female
Age Young Adult
Height 6'4"
Weight 227 lbs

Physical DescriptionEdit

Tall is the Orc, somewhat lean for her kind. Her skin is a soft green, her face betraying her youth. Small tusks emerge from her mouth. She files the set, keeping them at a sharp point.

Each ear is adorned with rings, though the left ear holds a small scar running from the lobe into the side of her neck, the reminders of a foolish mistake made in her training.

Often she wears her dark black hair pulled back, keeping it from her face in the heat of battle. Her eyes are a piercing crystal blue, constantly sizing up those before her as a constant threat.

Often she is found in the company of her Frostwolf, Rogash. Large and muscular, the form of the Howler is lost beneath his thick snow white coat.


Mahui is a quiet individual, content rather to observe than participate. It is rare she trusts those not of her clan, but when she does she is a devoted and loyal ally. To her, honor on the battlefield seperates the 'Men' from the 'Beasts.' She lives and breathes by the motto 'Strength and Honor.'


A young Orc, Mahui is of the Frostwolf clan. She serves as a Scout in the battle for Alterac Valley amongst her people, aided always by her faithful companion Rogash.

Born shortly after the first war, Mahui grew up in the Alterac Mountains. She remained there until called forth by her clan to fight in the Third War. Afterwards she returned to the mountains with the rest of the Frostwolf.

Recently however, with the attentions on the recent Cataclysm and emergence of Deathwing, focus on the battles against the foul Stomrpike has been diverted. In an effort to gather more aide, Mahui requested the aide of Mikisha Stormhoof and her Order. In return, the Orc Hunter serves the Tauren Druid and acts as a liason with the forces of the Frostwolf.