Alliance 32 Mellonea
Mellonea banner
Name Mellonea
Server Kirin Tor (US)
Guild Leader Kjallstrom
Guild Contacts Kjallstrom, Maruval, Grizel, Nadezda
Levels 70
Type RP
Accounts 40 +
Application Mellonea App Form
Requirements Maturity, interest in RP
Website Mellonea Website
Forums Mellonea Forums
Armory Mellonea Armory

General Information Edit

Mellonea is a large Light RP guild on Kirin Tor, with a membership of diverse interests from serious full-time RPers to end-game raiders. The guild has an active online forum community, including past members. Mellonea also has a strict code of conduct, to make sure that everyone in the guild channels feels comfortable and has fun.

Organization Edit

The guild was founded by Sykora. She stepped down as Guildmistress and appointed Kjallstrom as guildmaster. The guild leader is advised by the Mellonea Council, who assist with all guild business, help process guild applications, and perform other support tasks. The current Council consists of Khandril, Seoman, and Nadezda. The guild is in a permanent alliance with Unbroken; Kjallstrom is the intra-alliance liaison.

History Edit

Current Status Edit

Mellonea is recruiting new members. Please use our online application form.

Members Edit

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