Horde 32 Mikisha Stormhoof
Game Name Mikisha
Guild Saevio de Tempestas
Titles Champion of the Stormhoof
Nicknames Miki
Class Druid
Race Tauren
Gender Female
Age Young Adult
Height Slightly Taller than Average
Weight Average
Build Slightly Larger than Average Female
Professions Mining and Engineering

Physical DescriptionEdit

Tall is the Druid, the fur upon her form a slight tan, much like the desert sands of Tanaris. Brown mane falls about broad shoulders, two long braids framing her bovine face. Three silver rings adorn each large ear, small in size, yet always shimmering, sparkling as surrounding light dances across the metal's surface.

Large green eyes shine bright, a slight twinkle as the all to familiar smirk plays upon her muzzle. Still in her prime, the young Tauren's confidence is matched by few. This is clear in her stance, the way she wears the soft leather armor and carries her weapon. The daughter of Trawyn Stormhoof, Mikisha has now inherited the title of Champion of the Stormhoof. This of course, has done nothing to temper the Druid's headstrong nature.


Young and in her prime, Mikisha is quite confident in her abilities and skills as both a Druid and in battle. She can be extremely headstrong and stubborn at times, often pushing herself as well as her followers above and beyond what may be necessary.

She does keep to her Mother's code of honor for the most part, though Mikisha has been known to blur the lines and even interpert it as she sees fit in order to accomplish her goals. Her intentions good, at this time she has yet to learn the lessons to temper the fire that many of her Elders have.


The daughter of Trawyn Stormhoof, the Druid was once thought dead, kidnapped from her parents at a young age. Rather, she was hidden away and brought forth to combat the darkness her mother had become as the Lich King rose to power.

Under the guidance of Overseer Gorthak, a long time friend of Trawyn's, Mikisha inherited the title of Champion of the Stormhoof, as well as the leadership of her Mother's Order, Saevio de Tempestas. As of late, the child of Trawyn drives the order towards a more active role against the enemies of the Horde, taking the battle to those she feels stand in the way of their dominance.

Though now, with the defeat of the Lich King and her mother seeking the path of An'she, the question is if Mikisha will turn control back to Trawyn.