Horde 32 Murax Wolfsbreath
Game Name Murax
Guild Tiger Team One
Titles Mag'har Liaison to Azeroth
Class Hunter
Race Orc
Gender Male
Age Young Adult
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Brown
Professions Mining & Goblin Engineering
Armory Murax's Armory

Intro Edit

Lok'tar members of Thrall's new Horde. I am Murax, of the Mag'har Orcs. Since Thrall came to Garadar, and told my people of his new Horde, our clan leaders have been seeking more information about Azeroth, and it's inhabitants, especially the new Horde, and the threats to Azeroth. I am part of the scouting parties sent to Azeroth to learn about this place, and report my findings to my clan. While this is a bit more of a diplomacy mission than I would prefer, I know it is my duty to help the clan, and if improving relations with the new Horde will help, than so be it.

I've found the Goblins rather fascinating, and I enjoy tinkering with their machines. I've never used a rifle before coming to Azeroth, but I've now made several guns for myself, and I seem to be a natural at using them.

I am most calm, and "at home" when I am out in the wilderness, hunting both beasts of the earth, and demons. I have a wolf companion, Nightwind, who has been with me for many years now.