Drunken Fools

One Drunken NightEdit

After an Exhausting ride on the Boat from Ratchet, *Razael Insisted that *Branigan accompany him to the Pub in Booty bay. They both Walked in to find a *Blood Elf *Paladin sitting in the back of the room, along with a female *Draenei Shaman and a female *Gnome *Mage. Razael and Branigan found an empty seat by stairwell. Razael Exclaimed "Barkeep Bring us a round of your finest!"

After a few drinks Branigan decided he couldn't stand being in a bar with the Alliance nearby. Branigan Jumped to his feet and got that crazed stare in his face again. "That's it I'm gonna go start some trouble" Yelled Branigan. Branigan Stumbling across the Pub walked up to the Draeni and Gnome spurting "You think your strong enough to take me? HA! HAHAHAHAHA!". Branigan began to make rude gestures at them. The Draeni and Gnome simply stared back and started giggling.

"What's so funny! you wanna piece of me?" Branigan Exclaimed while slamming down another Ale. Razael Chuckling walked behind the bar amidst the distraction and helped himself to some Ale straight out of the tap.

The Paladin in the corner shaking his head stood up and said "Ha! you must have some balls" to Branigan. Branigan turned to the Blood Elf. "Oh? You think you can take me? cmon! no armor no weapons just good old fists!" Branigan snorted.

Suddenly Branigan and the Paladin started Rumbling in the bar. The Draeni and Gnome were laughing hysterically. "HEY!" shouted Razael. "No fighting unless i'm the middle..... hic" Razael said as he fell backwards off of the Bar counter.

Razael ran up and started fighting with the Paladin and Branigan. Punch after Punch the fight rumbled on chairs flying tables busted. Just as Branigan lined up his fist for the best shot at Razael, Razael suddenly dropped to his knees. Rising from behind Razael as he fell was a very Powerful *Human *Warrior. At that Moment the Draenei and the Gnome started Laughing so hard they fell down. Branigan looked up at the Iron clad mass that stood before him. But before Branigan could even twitch his finger toward his weapon he was knocked out cold by the Warrior.

The Paladin shaking his hands and backing into a corner murmered "Hey... man i don't want any trouble.. i uh... it was all fun and games right?" THWACK. CRASH. In that very instance what looked like a shower of wooden chips and glass fragments buried in a flurry of shapnel the Paladin Blood Elf was hurled through the wall and out into the Bay.

Later that Night Branigan and Razael awoke dangling from a tree bound in rope. Razael turned toward Branigan with a rotted half smile and said "At least its not a Pit of snakes this time."