Horde 32 Order of the Spider
Name Order of the Spider
Server Kirin Tor (US)
Guild Leader Wyrmeater
Guild Contacts Winddreamer
Type Casual Raiding
Website Order of the Spider Website
Armory Order of the Spider Armory

Guild Bank: Yes Tabard: Black with white spider

Order of the Spider is a "Casual Raid" guild meaning we raid for fun but try not to take it too seriously.

We are currently looking for more interested raiders to fill out a 25 man roster. Currently we run Naxx25 on weekends with a quick OS25 run on Sunday before continuing Naxxramas. Our raids consist mainly of Order of the Spider members with the rest of the slots filled by people we have met along the way.

Most of our members get to experience guild instance runs, normal and heroic, without a lot of scrounging for tanks/healers/etc.

If you enjoy a laid back atmosphere, are friendly and willing to help out, and can be available, Order of the Spider would like to have you join us.

Contact Winddreamer, Jaenna, Dorigen, Kamaxtli, Wyrmeater, or another guildmember for more information or an invite.