A guild almost as old as the server, based more on a family style approach, where everyone is good friends, this guild has survived a long time and through many problems. They firmly believe in fun, friends and frolicking are the keys to happiness in the game. In an alliance with Praesidium and formerly Storm Wolves, the alliance is called Surf and Turf to allow for ease of 10 man raiding. That alliance in turn is loosely allied with Fusion, Platonic Devotion, and Council of Fate for larger raiding purposes.

Many Piscus members or "Fishies" have multiple alts, and some even have so many so as to require a second account just to allow for more alts on the same server. Others have reached the account limit of 50 alts for a single account on all servers. As such, chances are, if one of them doesn't know how to play a class, another will.

Honorary Former Member:
Eldrileth - One of the first people to have both Warglaives of Azzinoth on the server, the former guild leader of Delirium was a fishie for many years, and still remains friends with them, despite no longer playing the game.

Alliance 32 Piscus Inferno
Name Piscus Inferno
Server Kirin Tor (US)
Guild Contacts Ailil, Jaggling, Tseran
Levels All
Type RP/PvE/Social
Application Web based
Requirements Insanity
Website Piscus Inferno Website
Forums Piscus Inferno Forums
Armory Piscus Inferno Armory


Piscus Inferno Crest