Horde 32 Simon Bale, aka High Proctor Sesobael
Game Name Sesobael
Guild Poor Sages of Lordaeron
Titles High Proctor
Class Warlock
Race Forsaken
Gender Male
Age 72 (65 at death)
Armory Sesobael's Armory


Simon Bale, also known as High Proctor Sesobael, is the founder and leader of the Poor Sages of Lordaeron, the scholarly group dedicated to educating the civilized peoples of Azeroth. He is a highly-educated demonologist who has earned much antagonism from the Burning Legion because of his exploits and knowledge of demonic weaknesses. He was last seen in a projected image sent from the far reaches of the Void, where he went to study a strange phoenomenon that had been afflicting his demon summoning abilities.


Chronicles Ring and a Promise

OOC InformationEdit

375 Enchanter 375 Shadowcloth Tailor 375 Cooking