Horde 32 Shayriss Zaelden
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Game Name Shayriss
Guild N/A
Titles Acolyte
Class Warlock
Race Forsaken
Gender Female
Age 2 Years Since Rebirth
Height 5'5
Weight 95lbs
Build Skeleton
Hair Color Black,long
Eye Color Empty
Skin Color Decayed
Alignment Neutral Good
Professions Tailor,Enchanter
Armory Shayriss's Armory


Short and slender, Shayriss is one who would be over-looked in a crowd quite easily. standing no more than 5 foot 5 inches. Belying the standard portrayal of the Forsaken, She harbors no hatred of the races of Azeroth, it is apparent Physical appearance means little in Shayriss' eyes, her clothes while ragged, serve the purpose they were designed for. No attempt has been made to cover her features which have decayed, silky smooth cloth is broken by jagged bits of ivory. Almost proud of her undeath. A ring is placed prominately on a band of black gold which hangs from her neck.


Quiet and contemplative,Shayriss treasures logic and reason above all else. Not above having a good laugh with friends. Fiercely loyal to her friends and the Dark Lady Silvanus, but not to the point of blind loyalty. Shayriss acts almost as an ambassador from her people, she strives to change the light her people are viewed in by the horde.