Horde 32 The Blood Knighthood
Name The Blood Knighthood
Server Kirin Tor (US)
Website The Blood Knighthood Website
Armory The Blood Knighthood Armory

The Blood Knighthood is a social guild fighting in the realm of Kirin Tor. We look to make friends, level, do casual instance running and eventually be capable of running raids. We help each other out and have a good time! If you are interested in joining just click on the recruitment tab and fill out an application or talk to any officer or myself in-game.

The guild bank is now up and running. All members can view and deposit, if you'd like anything withdrawn just ask an officer and they'll do it for you. We also have a new guild tabard if you'd like to wear one! For those who don't know where to buy it, you can find it in any major city by just asking a guard to point you to the guildmaster.