Horde 32 Brill Apothecary Society
Name Brill Apothecary Society
Server Kirin Tor (US)
Guild Leader Dathen
Guild Contacts Dathen
Type Heavy RP
Application In-game meeting/whisper
Requirements Full-time Roleplaying
Website Brill Apothecary Society Website
Armory Brill Apothecary Society Armory

The Brill Apothecary Society is formed of self-aware Forsaken who are unhappy with their current condition. Although many Forsaken have embraced their new lives, there are those of us who are unhappy with the cards we have been dealt and seek a different path.

Instead of focusing our energy on thoughts of revenge, hatred, and violence, we choose to help those in need. We miss our families and friends, the way food tastes, a good nights rest. Rather then blindly give into the rage, we fight against it and seek a cure.

Working together we will find a way to escape this curse.

Members include: