Horde 32 Thoq
Game Name Thoq
Guild Brackenwall Brute Squad
Titles Thoq get title?
Nicknames Thoq, Dummy, Ogre
Class Warrior
Race Ogre
Gender Male
Age 14
Height 7'2""
Weight 623lbs
Hair Color None
Eye Color Black
Skin Color All over
Alignment Thoq good!
Professions Make metal
Armory Thoq's Armory

Physical DescriptionEdit

  • Garments/Armor: Thoq have sword shield. Thoq like.
  • Other: Thoq like chicken. Thoq need army so Thoq look friends.


Thoq's Personality diamond (concept from Dramatis Personae via wowInsider)

Dumb. Like most Ogres, Thoq is not very bright. His orcish is broken and disjointed without much use for person or tense. He is aware that he's not the brightest fork on the tree and he will look to the others around him to give him direction.

Friendly. Thoq constantly looks for positive reinforcement, in order to gain it, he's likely to help any group that asks with either materials, talents or time. Thoq immensely enjoys being part of a group that is having a good time and he seeks out these experiences.

Loyal. Thoq's friends are his friends forever, he's not given to seeing them in anything but the best possible light and assumes any misgivings he might have is due to his inability to comprehend fully the situation.

Savage. While out of combat, Thoq is similar in behavior to a puppy, when in combat the blood haze takes him. He will recklessly charge into perceived threats to protect his friends, heedless of the danger to himself. At such times he's all war machine, his sword and axe flying, his arms swinging and his bellow roaring.


Thoq leave ogre village. Thoq told, "Find Friends!" Thoq go look friends. Thoq find many squishy elf. Thoq look for friend squishy elf, orc, big tooth, and dead not dead help Thoq. Thoq go orc city. Thoq go squishy elf city. Thoq go circle city. Thoq find friends! Soon Thoq have help.


Thoq has a unique take on language. Being an Ogre, his command of Orcish is somewhat limited, and his intellect is not a helping factor. Some common Thoq language translations.

Shiney = Gold

Dead not dead = Forsaken or Undead. Long Tusk or Long Tooth = Troll Squishy Elf = Blood Elf or High Elf. Bull man / Lady cow = Tauren

Squeeker = gnome Little man = dwarf Pink skin = Human Blue tail = Dranei Blue elf = Night Elf

Circle City = Shattrach City Orc City = Orgimmar Orc Town = Maybe Crossroads, maybe Razor Hill. Red orc = Fel orc

Thoq DiaryEdit

Thoq Diary