Horde 32 Tiger Team One
Name Tiger Team One
Server Kirin Tor (US)
Guild Leader Golkosh
Type RP
Application Website / in game meeting
Forums Tiger Team One Forums
Armory Tiger Team One Armory

Guild InformationEdit

"Strength is wisdom, and wisdom is strength."

- Tiger Team One proverb

Tiger Team One is an elite strike force, commissioned in dire times by Thrall, dedicated to providing succor to comrades, mendicants, and feckless well as carrying out the Warchief's will in all of its many forms (quests, pvp, instancing, and player developed storylines/RP).

Tiger Team One is primarily geared toward role players who are seeking a home for their "traditional" Horde characters (which is to say, Trolls, Tauren, and Orcs), but this is not to say that there is no place for Forsaken or Blood Elves. We have many Forsaken and Sin'dorei among our ranks. However, if your character, of any race, does not have it in them to fight with honor for the greater good of the Horde, Tiger Team One is probably not the guild for you. We enjoy our petty racial squabbles in character, but in the end, these are set aside (or at least put on hold) so the Team, and the Horde, can surmount whatever obstacle or mission is set before them.

In addition to being an in character strike force, military in structure, Tiger Team One also has a more academic side manifested in the Tiger Team One Academy of Lore and War. Think of it as the Horde's version of Westpoint; it is still quite military in structure, but affords the more scholarly of our characters opportunities they would not otherwise have.

Roleplay StyleEdit

Often times Tiger Team One brand of RP tends to be somewhat different from most of what you see on Kirin Tor. Tiger Team One story posts have always been brimming with parody, references to film, literature, pop culture and other such things. Warcraft itself is full of references of these sorts, and we try to bring that out in some of our RP. Such parody posts can be fun, and a breath of fresh air, but they are not representative of the whole of Tiger Team One's RP library.

Guild History and RecordsEdit

Here are several RP posts by Tiger Team One members.

Tiger Team One Bootcamp

Terror at Ten Below

Eternal Vigilance

Warsong Financial Merges with Tiger Team One; Parody Post

Warsong Memories; RP-PvP post. Old 30s bracket camping. Eardstapan, Poor Sages, Maim, NSC. Good ol' KT

Escape from S.W.

Bloodsnot and Aldorientology - Parody post... or is it?

Cold Desert Night - A tale of the Scourge Invasion

Mor'shan Grunts

The Saga of Golkosh Steelsworn


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