Horde 32 Zulfi Vikuri
Game Name Vikuri
Guild Saevio de Tempestas
Titles Zandalari Priestess
Nicknames Viki
Class Priest
Race Troll
Gender Female
Age Middle Aged
Height 7'8"
Build Slim
Professions Herbalist and Alchemist

Physical DescriptionEdit

Like others of her tribe, the Zandalari Priestess is tall and rather domineering in appearance, just under eight feet in height. Yet, as with her brethren, she is merely content with dedicating her life to studying and preserving the history of her race, as well as their culture and society. This is clear by the fact the blue skin covering her lithe form is smooth, unmmared by scars or markings common amongst those who serve upon the front lines in battle. Vibrant red hair hangs loose down her back, save for a few strands braided and twisted, left to frame her face. Matching eyes glow bright, shimmering slightly as a sly smirk forms upon the youthful face, showing off the twin tusks within.


Vikrui is a rather outspoken and charming individual when one first meets her. She is, however, a master of deception. Quite intelligent, her smile and charm are used to disarm her opponents and allow her to gather more information than one normally would.

She is a rather proud Troll as well, though recent events with her Tribe have caused her to be a bit on edge. Though she has allied herself with Mikisha Stormhoof and Saevio de Tempestas, Vikuri does not share the same sense of 'honor' that the others often do. Her methods at times can be a bit underhanded, though Mikisha will often turn a blind eye as they often bring quick results.


Do not allow such an appearance to decieve or fool. Many a battle the Priestess has seen. A skilled Alchemist, the few warriors amongst the Zandalar have found her concoctions most helpful. From violent, unstable brews that could be hurled amongst the ranks of her enemies to potions that when taken grant the warriors added strength and increased reflexes. As well, she grants such warriors blessings before battle and healing their wounds. And if necessary, she has made her way into the fringes of the fray, enemies often finding themselves under the effects of rather debilitating spells cast by the Priestess.

With the Zandalari allying themselves with the Gurubashi and the Amani tribes, Vikrui has left her homelands and travels in the company of Mikisha and her Order. Quite against the ideals and direction this Zul takes the Tribe, the Priestess now works with the Horde to help bring an end to this so called Prophet.