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In Awe

What is this crazy place?Edit

Wandering the Blasted lands, Razael was informed of a very peculiar point of interest. He had heard Rumors that there was a large explosion in the Blasted lands. One so tremendously large that it had unearth an Ancient Doorway to another realm. Razael's intense curiosity had plagued him of this rumor for too long. Now it was time to investigate.

After a few run ins with some local demons upon the lip of the large crater that seem to span half of the Blasted lands. Razael looked on as he saw before him a large doorway. This door way looked as though it went right into the stars.


Down at the Base of the Crater was a Large Base Camp. He could hear them overtalking about plans of attack. What lies ahead of this doorway. Razael Now standing at the base could feel an immense power eminating from the other side. Razael thought to himself "do i dare step through this horrid rip in Space standing before me?"

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Razael gulped as he pushed through the portal. In a Flash he was on the otherside.


His eyes widened to see what Horrors lay in front of him. A vast demonic army pummeling its way toward the portal. Countless lives being thrown into the crossfire of Infernals Falling from the sky.


"WHAT IS THIS CRAZY PLACE!?!" shouted razael.