Horde 32 Wolfpaw
Name Wolfpaw
Server Kirin Tor (US)
Website Wolfpaw Website
Armory Wolfpaw Armory

<Wolfpaw> Is recruiting once again. We have been brought down due to some issues, but now I am back and aim to rebuild the the guild again. To those of you who don't remember Wolfpaw, we were one of the strongest RP Guilds (Horde side) roughly one year ago. We're looking for a premise of intelligent, competent players who will help raise a strong and social RP/Pve/Pvp Guild. We aim to build an enjoyable community and are looking for optimistic characters to structure our Guild.

-We will accept all levels, but prefer players who are 60+ for future raids. -Looking for players to fill Officer spots. -Players who can provide a ventrilo server.

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